rubiTrack 5 Pro 5.3 is now available

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rubiTrack 5 Pro 5.3 is now available

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A new update, version 5.3, is now available which brings cloud sync with Polar Flow. To connect to your Flow account, use the Sync Manager in rubiTrack 5 Pro. After authorizing access, new activities, uploaded after the authorization, will be available for download.

The second change in this update is related to maps. rubiTrack now uses a different service for providing most of the map styles. As a result the basic styles have changed slightly, the artisan styles have changed completely.

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==== New in rubiTrack 5 Pro 5.3 ===
* Adds Polar Flow:
* Adds support for cloud download from Polar Flow.
* Polar Flow API access starts after rubiTrack is authorized through the Sync Manager.
* All new activities uploaded to Polar Flow via Polar device or the Polar Beats app will be available for download.
* Existing activities already on Polar Flow at the time of authorization will not be available for download.
* New map styles which replace the previous styles.

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Re: rubiTrack 5 Pro 5.3 is now available

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I like the new maps.

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