rubiTrack For IOS and IOS 11 Issues Plus Dropbox Sync Not Working

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rubiTrack For IOS and IOS 11 Issues Plus Dropbox Sync Not Working

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Hi Markus, :)

I'm currently using an iPad Pro 10.5 with IOS 11.0.1 and rubiTrack for IOS 4.1.3, Dropbox App version 66.2.8

Since updating to IOS 11 the rubiTrack app has been taking a very long time to open, it just sits on the loading screen for ages, after a very long delay a message about connecting to Bluetooth devices appears, and then it starts. This slow loading looks to be an IOS 11 issue as it only began after I had updated from IOS 10 to IOS 11.

When it does start however the sync for new files between rubiTrack and Dropbox always comes up with no new files found. I've tried completely removing and re-installing rubiTrack from scratch, including deleting the apps\rubiTrack folder in my Dropbox and unlinking it without any success.

When I relink the Dropbox account with rubiTrack it creates a new folder called apps\rubiTrack in Dropbox, but any new Garmin .fit files that I put in the folder aren't synced across.

My friend is also having exactly the same issue. He's using an iPad 2 (old model with IOS 8 I think) and an old version of rubiTrack with a Garmin Edge 500, as he hasn't updated in a long time. Despite using old versions, which used to work without issue, his Dropbox sync stopped working around the same time that mine did so it looks like it could be a change that Dropbox have made.

Could you please advise how to fix this.:)