rubiTrack 5 Pro 5.0.4 is now available

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rubiTrack 5 Pro 5.0.4 is now available

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Hi all,

version 5.0.4 is now available, fixes a couple of things and also comes with a nice addition for users of old versions trying rubiTrack 5 Pro that lets you open your old data file right from the welcome screen.

Thanks everyone for reporting issues!

Best Regards

New in rubiTrack 5 Pro 5.0.4
* It' now even easier to upgrade: The welcome screen now offers an option to open the most recent data file from an old rubiTrack version you have worked with.
* Adds the ability to undo changes to custom activity filter groups.
* Fixes a problem with lost segments in newly imported activities. This update recalculates segments for all activities when first launched.
* Fixes a crash that can happen when network-syncing or importing activities while the "Autosave documents" application setting turned on.
* Hides the fullview button when sharing charts as images.
* Fixes a problem where newly imported activities were not automatically selected.