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rt2go on iPhone X has stopped syncing or saving.

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2020 11:47 pm
by MtnBiker
About a week ago rb2go got flaky so I deleted and reinstalled and then synced up to my iMac (which took a while). Then almost everything seemed to be back to working for three days. But for the last three days, the tracks aren't being saved. They don't show up on the iPhone nor does anything get synced.

Latest software on both iPhone X and my two Macs, both of which have RubiTrack installed. Both Macs have the same latest activity. Aug 17. I have tried to record activities for the past three days and nothing will save.

Today before pausing or saving, I took a screenshot. rb2go is recording but the Share part didn't work

Also establishing a connection to my BlueTooth heart rate monitor is nearly impossible. It's gotten flakier over time, but with relaunches of iPhone and/or rb2go I could make it work sometimes, but almost never now. Occasionally I'll see connection established when I go to Record but then no connection. When I check with the Wahoo software or in iPhone setting the heart rate monitor is always seen.

Thanks for any suggestions.

PS. What do the icons mean. I can guess on many, but no idea what the first one means.