5.3.2 not showing Stryd data via Garmin

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5.3.2 not showing Stryd data via Garmin

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rubiTrack Pro 5.3.2 (3190) on macOS 10.14.6

Previously I was using Stryd as a standalone footpod, syncing it to the Stryd mobile app after each run. I could then download the .FIT files from Stryd PowerCenter and import them into rubiTrack. RubiTrack shows full Stryd metrics for those workouts (power, ground contact time, vertical oscillation).

Today I ran with a Garmin 645M (software version with Stryd Zones CIQ data field version 1.4. When I download the .FIT file from Stryd PowerCenter and import it into rubiTrack, the Stryd metrics are not available. I have verified with fitfileviewer.com that the fields are present in the downloaded file.

I suspect that the process of routing the workout through Garmin instead of a manual synchronization has caused PowerCenter to format the data slightly differently, and rubiTrack is not able to cope with the different format.

Here's an older .FIT file that rubiTrack correctly reads.

Here's today's .FIT file that rubiTrack cannot fully read.
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