Location, Route is wrong

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Location, Route is wrong

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My rb2go tracks frequently get labeled with the same "Location, Route" which is the one I've used for near my house. Even if the tracks are hundreds of miles from my house they get labeled with that location.

Is there some setting I've got wrong? I'm not sure if this is happening in rt2go or rubiTrack, but it shows up in both after syncing. I just downloaded six tracks from a trip and they were all wrong. City is correct.
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Re: Location, Route is wrong

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the old Location/Route auto-assignment checks for geographically similar locations, so if the activities are hundreds of miles apart then there must be one activity with those values assigned in the far away area already. That said, this feature comes from a different era when rubiTrack didn't have its own geo-database and auto-assignment of locations and route will be removed in the upcoming major release (the fields will remain, of course).

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