rubiTrack 6 is now available!

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Re: rubiTrack 6 is now available!

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I don't think it has been ignored. But you have decided to increase the price 6-fold for a new version that is incrementally better. That's a bold move!

old version: 5 EUR/year (from your link)
new version: 30 EUR/year
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Re: rubiTrack 6 is now available!

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mspoettl wrote: Tue Aug 24, 2021 1:37 pmI feel like all there is to say has been said and ignored already.
Answering your statement ... "There is still much to say and that you want to ignore"
Another one that gets off the rubitrack bandwagon, until now I have kept it because I think it is good software and the price was quite content.
I am not interested in an annual subscription imposed with a price increase for my exaggerated, not even a x2 or a x3 ..... a x6!!!!
I do not think that anyone in a pandemic has thought of an increase of this type!!!
I will continue with V5, if you keep leaving it operational, and if not, it will be necessary to look for another alternative.
Good luck in the new journey.
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Re: rubiTrack 6 is now available!

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OK this was the last post of that sort that will be tolerated. It is unhelpful and completely beside the point.

For those who are unwilling or unable to make the connection:

For a price as low as it was with rt3, rt5 and to a large part rt4, there was no way we could keep developing and maintaining the product. Thus comparisons of price increases are missing the point entirely.

We have made this great new version in hopes that enough people will understand and agree that a high quality product with long-term support such as rubiTrack just requires appropriate compensation and that it's completely worth it.

Keep in mind, we're talking about a price of about one hour parking in Vienna's public parking space (likely less hours elsewhere). Per month.


PS: Don't fire back, even if very tempted. I've really had enough of this $#@!
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