If you purchased a rubiTrack 5 Pro Upgrade

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If you purchased a rubiTrack 5 Pro Upgrade

Post by mspoettl »

Since these accusations about trying to rip off people don't stop and are so ridiculous and outrageous, here are some facts about what the upgrade actually paid us and what we delivered for it:

The upgrade from v4 was €24,95.
Minus tax and processing fee that makes roughly: €19
Divided by 3,5 years since it was released: €5,3 per year

For that we prepaid the entire development of that version
Paid operation costs (servers, maps, customer support, etc)
Paid development costs of updates, bug fixes, etc.

And still there are some who think they are getting ripped off?

I think the numbers are pretty clear.

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Re: If you purchased a rubiTrack 5 Pro Upgrade

Post by sathomasga »

I agree. I've happily purchased every rubiTrack version since the initial release (including the subscription to 6), and I expect to continue to do so.

I also don't understand why folks spend so much energy complaining. I mean, if someone doesn't think a product is worth its price, that's fine. Don't buy it.

Keep up the good work Markus.
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