Sync over internet instead of WiFi

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Sync over internet instead of WiFi

Post by sathomasga »

Just gonna post this here since I think it's a legitimate feature request (though perhaps one with too little value to make it worth the effort).

It's nice that RT2go can sync with RT5, but requiring that sync to take place over a local WiFi can be problematic.

- Obviously, it means the Mac has to be connected to WiFi. Maybe that sounds silly, but my Mac mini is connected over wired Ethernet with WiFi turned off.
- Also, many WiFi networks do not allow direct connections between clients. This restriction may also sound weird at first, but it's actually quite common, at least in universities and businesses in the U.S. where it's considered a security feature. (It prevents malicious folks from connecting to a WiFi network and running port scans on all other devices on that network.)

So, at least in my case, WiFi syncing won't work with my Mac mini unless I enable WiFi on it solely for that functionality (and I do have good reasons for disabling WiFi on that computer.) And WiFi syncing won't work with my MacBook if I'm at work or on campus. That's kind of a problem.

Markus has said before that iCloud syncing is problematic for RT, and I take him at his word (though, from a user's perspective it sounds ideal). Perhaps there is another alternative, e.g. maybe Panic would license their Panic Sync technology.
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Re: Sync over internet instead of WiFi

Post by mspoettl »

We've reached out to Panic to see if they do such a thing and if so if its suitable.

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