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Re: Export all activities

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mspoettl wrote:
Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:56 am
Exporting all/multiple activities is already supported. There is no locking-in going on. It already does what it should.

Yes exporting a timestamp, coordinates and a couple of other items for an activity is supported e.g first two lines from a reformatted exported csv file

timestamp time lat lon alt alt_c dist speed heartrate cadence power temperature vertosci stancetime lrbalance gearinfo split stop
2017-07-25T05:41:14Z -27.478647 153.159033 -48.4 -49.43 0.6 0 66 59
2017-07-25T05:41:15Z 1 -27.478639 153.159051 -48 -49.47 2.6 1.3 65 59


I believe what we are all looking for is an export of ALL the data including the derived data (all averages, maximums, duations and splits etc), notes/comments, equipment, activity type etc associated with an activity(ies)/event(s) etc. That way we can filter the data and then utilise as required?

I have attempted on a number of occasions in the past to use publish and/or export but they appear to fall short.

I am sure others are able to elaborate further?
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Re: Export all activities

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Well, that's something entirely different (legitimate of course but with its own unique set of difficulties, definitely worth its own topic here). However, this topic here which was posted 7 years ago (!) was about exporting all activities, something rubiTrack has learned to do a while back.

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