Setup confusion

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Setup confusion

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I am a new user trying to figure out the program on my Mac, but I can't seem to get it set up.

I open the program, enter my name, weight, etc, I don't want to import from a device so I download the demo. Which seems to enter 4 activities on a map. Except I can't do anything with them. There is no sidebar, or anything on the map. I click on the red circle for an activity and it just zooms in on the map. All the menu items are greyed out.

I figure I will import some activities from Garmin Connect or Strava. The help file says go to sync manager and there will be a setup button. Except there isn't one. I can import from a device or a file. No other options.

I don't need a subscription, do I? Why isn't anything working?

Thanks for any help.
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Re: Setup confusion

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if you downloaded the app for free (version 6.0 in the first week after the release), you get the "Local Sync Mode" which basically is for collecting activities only.

Now, if you subscribe to PRO for at least one full year but then decide to cancel the subscription, the app will not drop to this mode, instead it will be in "Base" mode which comes with a lot of features. You can find the main differences between PRO and base here:

Hope this helps.

Best Regards
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