rubiTrack for Windows?

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rubiTrack for Windows?

Post by hannes »

Hi rubiTrack Team,

As a long time user, I will continue to support your software with an yearly subscription.
After using rubiTrack since version 3 on Mac, I was just wondering if there are any plans / ideas to bring this great software to Windows?

There are basically no alternatives with the same quality in User interface and functionality for Windows.
Yes, there are some open source applications available but they don't come even close to rubiTrack in terms of UI and overall quality.
Don't you think that with a wider base of potential customers (which Windows would provide for sure), you would benefit from a portation to Windows?
(I'm a die-hard Apple fan but Windows has its advantages too... :D )

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Re: rubiTrack for Windows?

Post by mspoettl »

Thanks Hannes, we really appreciate your support!

A Windows version, while cool, would be a complete rewrite. If someone came along and financed such a multi-year, multi-person endeavor, then maybe. Otherwise it is just completely outside of what we can affort to do.

Best Regards
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