Update/change device name?

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Update/change device name?

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I use Rubitrack 5 (so far) and RT2GO. Due to a failing FusionDrive, I am in the process of waterfalling setups from machine-to-machine.

I have moved my desktop setup (for now) from a 2018 Mini onto a Macbook Air. My current IPhone is a 13 Pro.

What's annoying/confusing is that for network syncs, the MBA finds/reports the iPhone as the name of my long-gone 8. The iPhone reports the name of the desktop as the former desktop machine. Syncs sync the right devices, but there's likely to be a day in the very near future where the former desktop is online. I'll remove RT from it once things settle, but there may be a short overlap.

What I'd like to be able to do (or have happen) is the sync process report the name of the to-be-synced device as its real name. I am guessing the name being provded is the name of the device upon which the app was first installed. I see nowhere in settings for the phone or the desktop to change this...in fact, I haven't found the old names in the apps anywhere.

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Re: Update/change device name?

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sorry for the delayed response. This should be a non-issue in version 6, the network sync has been overhauled, peer discovery and data exchange are much faster and more reliable.

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